"I've never held a quiz night before and this is so easy to use, its going to save me heaps of time and take the pressure off me. I'm really excited about holding this quiz night now, thank you!"
- Customer Teresa Sharn

Organising a Quiz Night ?

Quiz nights are lots of fun and they can raise a lot of money but they can be a pain to organise. You need questions, answer sheets, a script for the MC, a way to score, a way to present the leader board and more...click to visit QuizNightChief.com

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Quiz Night Game : Lucky Door Prize

A real simple one. Get a book of tickets, or make some. Hand one out to every participant as they arrive (or leave them on the tables for people to grab when they sit down). Halfway through the evening have someone come and select the lucky winning number from a hat. (You use the stub ends of the tickets that you've retained for the lucky hat draw).

Quiz Night Game : Bring these items to the front!

Call out a number of everyday pocket items. Eg. A red pen, a library card, an iphone, a foreign coin. The first team to bring the items to the scorer's table revieves bonus points.

Quiz Night Game : Hands on heads, hands on waists

Have all the teams stand. read out a series of true or false questions. EG. "The Queen of England was a champion Badminton player as a child, if you think that's true put your hands on your head, if you think it's false put your hands on your waist". Everyone who gets the question wrong has to sit, those who were correct can stand. Keep asking questions untill only one person remains standing. They get a prize.

Quiz Night Table Game : Name that face

Get someone with some microsoft word or adobe photoshop skill to create an a4 page containing a collage of famous faces, number each face. Allow space on the bottom of the sheet for teams to write down the name of each person pictured.

Quiz Night Game : Get the coin near the bottle

Place a bottle of wine or spirit on one side of the room. Allow each team to pay a small entry fee for the opportunity to come and throw a coin from the other end of the room and try and get it as close to the bottle as possible. When everyone who wishes to participate has had a go the person whose coin is closest can claim the bottle as a prize.

Quiz Night Game : Who am I ?

Inform the room that the first person to raise their hand and then correctly identify the mystery person will win a prize or bonus quiz points for their team. Start giving clues as to the identity of the mystery person. For example you might state the year they were born. Make the clues more and more revealing untill someone guesses the mystery identity.

Quiz Night Game : Build a Tower

Furnish each team with a collection of items. For example, toilet roll carboard cylinder, some matches, two elestic bands and three straws. The team that can create the tallest free standing tower out of the items will be awarded a prize or bonus quiz points.Tower Quiz Night Game

Quiz Night Game : The longest peel

Provide each team with an orange. The team that can make the longest contiguous legnth of peel will win a prize or bonus quiz points.

Quiz Night Table Game : Calling all Artists

Place a blank piece of paper and a pencil on each table. Declare that the team that comes up with the most impressive drawing of a superhero as judged by the scorers will gain extra quiz points. Once the judges have decided on the best threee drawings pass them around for people to check out.

Quiz Night Table Game : Logos

Create a sheet containing a collection of business logos and ask the teams to identify which companies each logo is associated with. Name that logo

Everything you need to know about organising a Quiz Night

If you've been assigned the job of organising your first quiz night you might be a little nervous. Well hopefully the information provided here will give you an overview of what you need to do and put your mind at rest.

If you're an old hand then some of what follows may be familiar to you but I expect even you will find some ideas and tips that you can add to your Quiz Master arsenal.

The main thing to keep in mind at all times is that a quiz night is great fun for all involved and if your quiz night is raising money for a good cause you can pull in some valuable funds at the same time. If you as the quiz organiser lose sight of how fun the quiz night can be so will everyone else. So put a smile on your dial and expect to have a good time.

The basic structure of a Quiz Night

  1. The Organisers arrive at the venue.
    • Distribute pens/pencils to each table.
    • Distribute table games (what is a quiz night table game ?)
    • Make sure scorers have a copy of the questions and answers and a way to record each teams score.
      (you can use a piece of grid paper, MS Excel on a laptop, or software such as Quiz Night Chief)
    • Make sure the MC / announcer / person reading out the questions, has a copy of the script for the night. The script should contain the questions as well as instructions for any sponsor mentions and special announcements to be made.
  2. Participating teams arrive.
    • Someone greets people as they enter and collects their entrance fee. If people have paid in advance the person collecting money from people who are paying on the night will need a list of prepaid teams or people.
    • Each team is asked to provide their team name to the scorers.
  3. The Quiz Begins (Yipee!)
    • The MC / announcer welcomes everyone and makes sure everyone has paid and provided their team name to scorer.
  4. Quiz Round - Repeated for each round of the Quiz Night
    • The MC / announcer reads out the questions for the first round. Pausing for 30 seconds or so between each question so that teams may confer and decide on their answers.
    • After all the questions have been read the MC asks one person from each team to bring their answer sheets to the scorer's table. (Note : you may wish to stagger the handing in of answer sheets, so the answer sheets for round 1 are handed in after round 2, and the answer sheets for round 2 are handed in after round 3 etc).
    • The scorers compare the answers on the answer sheet to the correct answers and total the score for each round for each team. The round score is recorded on a score sheet / Excel / Quiz Night Chief.
    • The MC / announcer may read through the answers from a previous round.
    • The MC / announcer may remind the teams that they need to hand in table game sheets.
    • There MC / announcer may declare a halfway 10-20 minute break so people may stretch their legs.
    • There MC / announcer may read out or show the current standings, how many points each team is on.
  5. The Final Round Ends
    • After the questions for the final round have been read and the answer sheets collected the MC / announcer may declare a short break so that the scorers can calculate the total team scores.
    • The winning team is announced, there may be a prize for the first, second, third and last placed teams.
    • The MC thanks the organisers and asks everyone to drive home safely.

Tips to make your Quiz Night fun for one and all

  • Make sure you provide the opportunity for people to leave their seats and stretch their legs. Perhaps you will have a half time break or include some novelty games that require people to stand up.
  • If you are running a fundraising quiz night allow people who wish to dispute a question answer to challenge for a fee. If they are prepared to pay the challenge fee their dispute will be put to the room and by a show of hands (or calling out) the room will decide if their complaint will be accepted.
  • Not everything has to be as simple as writing on a piece of paper. There are many games you can include in your quiz night that are more creative and tactile than writing answers on paper. For example you can award points to the first team that can bring specific items to the scorer's table. You might ask the teams to bring a comb, a paperclip, a red pen and an American Express credit card to the scorers desk for example. The first team to do will can be awarded bonus points. There are many table game ideas that are more fun than just writing down answers.

Tips on selecting Questions

  • Topical relevant questions are the most interesting.
    Topical questions are related to recent events. You can even throw in a few questions based on news items on the day of the quiz. You can ask questions about films that are currently showing.
    Relevant questions are specific to the context of your quiz. If you are running a quiz night for a local school for examples, make sure you include some questions about the school's buildings, it's history or staff.
  • Multiple choice questions take longer to read through than simple question and answer questions but they are more fun for people who do not know the answer. If I ask you to name the capital of Sierra Leone you quickly know whether you know or not. If on the other hand I ask you to choose between Abuja, Accra and Freetown you can weigh the possibilities and try and rule out options even if you are not sure. Multiple choice questions allow more team discussion, they are more fun, and hence should make up a large number of your questions.

This document is a work in progress. If you think we've missed something here or you have an addition to suggest please email us at feedback@QuizNightChief.com, we would love to hear from you!